Manchester United's Top Three Goal-Scorers

The former CEO of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer is a California-based insurance and real estate professional who is in the process of developing residential property through his new enterprise Iyer Real Estate. Outside of his professional pursuits, Krishen Iyer enjoys following his favorite soccer team, Manchester United.

A top-flight Premier League team with a storied history, Manchester United has employed some of the world's top soccer players throughout the club's 100-plus years of existence. Below are the top three goal-scorers in team history.

1. Wayne Rooney - An England native, Rooney became the club's all-time leading scorer in January 2017, when he scored his 250th goal. It was evident he was poised for an impressive career when he scored a hat trick, or three goals, during his debut match in September 2004.

2. Sir Bobby Charlton - Like Rooney, Charlton had an impressive debut with United, scoring twice in an October 1956 game. He played 758 games for the team in 18 years and scored 249 goals.

3. Dennis Law - Though he has 237goals, the third-most goals in club history, he has more per-game goals than either Charlton or Rooney, having reached the mark in just 404 games between 1962 and 1973.