Key Global Market Influencers in 2017

A seasoned Fresno, California-based executive, Krishen Iyer guides Iyer Health Shield and maintains results-driven consulting and real estate businesses. With a strong interest in business and finance, Krishen Iyer follows international markets and investment trends.

As reported in Fortune, the course the global economy will take in 2017 remains less than certain, but the major forces at work are increasingly clear. One involves the UK’s break from the EU economy, with Brexit and continued populism in countries such as Italy portending fragility in the European economy. At the same time, growth is slowing in China, where there is now more of a focus on ensuring that credit growth does not outpace actual GDP in an unsustainable manner.

One area of focus among U.S. investors is on how new policies set in place by the Trump administration will affect business dynamics and whether interest rates will continue to increase along with commodity prices. With longstanding agreements such as NAFTA under threat, trade policy will also play a critical role in determining patterns of investment and wealth accumulation worldwide.