A Few Excellent Reasons to Eat Organically Grown Foods

A successful entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer formerly led Iyer Health Shield as its CEO and now oversees a Fresno, California, real estate development company. Recreationally, Krishen Iyer enjoys staying fit by working out five days a week and eating healthily. He strives to make organic foods a staple in his diet. “Organic” has become a buzzword over the course of the past decade and for good reason. Eating organically grown foods has a number of benefits.

Research has shown that organic crops have higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants than traditionally grown produce, which can have larger concentrations of heavy metals. Studies have also shown that organic growing methods can produce more flavonoids in vegetables. Flavonoids help fight cancer.

In animal products, conventional options contain hormones, antibiotics, and drugs. More than 90 percent of the pesticides that Americans consume come from dairy products and meat. These toxins can severely tax the body and jeopardize health over time.

Another major benefit of eating organically is that it safeguards the environment. Organic farmers use far less pollutants than conventional farmers, meaning that fewer pesticides and other chemicals end up in rivers, lakes, and other water supplies.